7 step creative process for graphic designers

Design is solving a visual problem. This means you’ll benefit from research, design briefs and brainstorming. The creative process:  Use this process on any creative project. These steps may or may not go in order every time. Now lets talk about each step. Step 1 – Project brief A project brief is a document that… Continue reading 7 step creative process for graphic designers

Typography for beginners

Typography is a crucial aspect of graphic design. It refers to the art and technique of arranging type to make them visually appealing and easily readable. Typography plays a significant role in conveying a message, setting a mood, and creating a memorable visual identity.  In this article we will cover: Type terminology and rules for… Continue reading Typography for beginners

Tree ring printing

My thanksgiving project was to attempt to print tree rings. The book Woodcut by Bryan Nash Gill inspired me to try this project. Here’s how I did it: Step 1: Find or cut a wood stump with a flat top. Step 2: Clean and sand to wood top to be very smooth. Step 3: Burn the top… Continue reading Tree ring printing

A brief history of graphic design

The progression of visual communication from cave paintings to digital software can serve as great inspiration to designers. The roots of visual communication stretch back to caveman times around 38,000 BCE. Written languages began in the form of iconography carved into stone then later into calligraphy. The first logos were the coat of arms, used… Continue reading A brief history of graphic design