Photoshop AI Tool – Generative Fill

What Is Photoshop’s Generative Fill?

At its core, Generative Fill is an AI-powered feature in Photoshop that intelligently fills in the gaps created when you need to remove or replace parts of an image. It uses machine learning to analyze the image content and fill the selected area with generated pixels that seamlessly blend into the surroundings.

The AI behind Generative Fill is more than just a clone or patch tool; it’s a conscious algorithm that understands the context and meaning of an image. This means it’s capable of creating entirely new content that fits the image’s aesthetic and is as visually coherent as the original. The tool goes beyond single fixes to help you reconstruct complex sections of an image in one click.

Want to see Generative Fill in action?

Watch this video to see how I replace and remove items with one click using the Generative Fill AI tool. 🤯