Dot/Line Exercise for Graphic Design beginners

Download the free dot/line exercise worksheet:

In the Dot/Line exercise, you will create a series of small compositions. Each composition will consist of only black dots and lines.

Each of the graphic images you create will express a word. This will expand your personal expression, graphically speaking. It is important that you create several solutions to each problem and then select the most effective one.

Here are other examples using different words:

Exercise Instructions

Take a piece of paper and draw two small squares and one large square.

Create 2 composition possibilities for the following words in the small squares. Then copy and enlarge the best solution into the large design space. Try to create compositions for all six words.

  • order
  • increase
  • bold
  • congested
  • tension
  • playful

Here’s an example of the exercise using the word Power:

Watch the YouTube video explaining the exercise: