Export an image for web in Photoshop- Graphic Design Tutorial

Exporting an image for the web in Photoshop with reduced file size, RGB color mode, and 72 DPI is important to ensure your images load quickly and look great on websites. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to prep a file for the web:

All images on the web must be 72dpi, RGB color profile, and no larger than 500kb.

– Open image in Photoshop. 

– Go to the top menu and select Image, Mode. Select RGB from the dropdown. If any dialog boxes appear, click OK.

– Go to Image, Image Size. Make sure Resample is unchecked. Change resolution to 72 pixels per inch. Click ok.

– To save the image for web, go to File, Export, Save for web.

– Choose file type JPEG from the format dropdown on the top right of the dialog box. You can also choose PNG-24 or GIF if you have a transparent background.

– Look at file size at the bottom left of the dialog box. If the file size is more than 500kb, you need to reduce the image quality or pixel size before uploading to the web.

– To reduce image size, adjust the quality of the image on the top right. You will see the file size change as you adjust quality. Also pay attention to the image itself to make sure the quality still looks acceptable. You can also reduce pixel size of the file by adjusting the width and height in the image size section.

– Once you are satisfied with the size and quality of the image, click Save. 

– You can rename the file if necessary. Choose where you would like to save the file.

Watch CryeStudio’s video that walks through the steps.